Thinking of renovating your pool?
SolidPool helps you make a fresh start with peace of mind.
Because each project is unique, a preliminary study is necessary.

Renovating your pool with peace of mind

  • A personalized study of the pool you want to renovate

    Do you have a pool? We can work with you on its renovation! For various reasons: giving your pool a second life to simply modernize how it looks, updating the integrated technology to reduce energy consumption and costs over the year... Our consultants will help you define your expectations and find the best solutions to improve your experience, with peace of mind, at the right price!

  • The different types of pool renovation

    Improve your daily life with a pool upgrade. Renovation lets you gain comfort and add new uses, change the design (liner, cover, etc.) and give your pool a new look. Structural and/or surface renovation, in both cases it is important to develop your pool to avoid potential premature wear.

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Examples of swimming pool renovation before / after