Our concept

You have a construction project, our unique "Made In France" structure, patented and eco-responsible, will convince you with a 100% reinforced concrete pool made of recycled materials.

SolidPool is a brand, a concept, a network of experts who provide solutions to build, equip and maintain your pool.

An eco-responsible commitment

In our efforts to be environment-friendly, we limit and control the carbon footprint of the pool structures as far as possible. At SolidPool, our blocks are "Made In France". They are made from polypropylene, which comes from surplus plastic and has the particularity of being regenerated and infinitely regenerable.

Global offer and quality of services

We are committed to your projects for the long term and give you peace of mind from the design stage to the finished project. SolidPool offers a wide range of products at its points of sale with maximum availability, with the assistance of expert advisers who are continuously trained to work with you on your ideas and preferences and then help you build and maintain your pool.

Our manufacturer's warranty covers you for 10 years for any damage to the inseparable parts of your pool (roller shutter, liner, flatness of the decking around the pool, etc.).

Our patented technology: a 100% concrete structure

Our polypropylene blocks are designed for easy construction (even DIY construction) without compromising quality and durability. They make it possible to create pools of all shapes, sizes, depths, linings, finishes and to limit the amount of earthwork.