SolidPool concept

It is time to make a step ahead with the best pool construction system : SolidPool are 100% concrete formwork blocks allowing reinforced concrete structure.

It will definitely change your way of building pools !

What is SolidPool ?

SolidPool is a unique concept of structure define as SolidPool blocks, opening the pool construction to all possibilities.

Proudly 100% made in France, our blocks are recycled and recyclable infinitely to reduce our eco-footprint. Patented for more than 20 years and owners of our factory, we are committed in bringing the best solution ever to all your projects coming.

Why use SolidPool ? 

Our SolidPool structure is not only a classic construction block, it has numerous arguments which have allowed it to be exported throughout the world, being installed by many professionals in more than 20 countries in the 5 continents.

What are the advantages of SolidPool ?

Lots of advantages can bring an installer to start using the SolidPool structure :

All shapes

From straight walls to completely free-form pools. From underground installation to complete above-ground pools

All finishes

From liner/reinforced PVC, to tiles/mosaic, paint and even polymeric high-temperature !

All depths

From small jacuzzis, to private pools and even Olympic ones, all depth can be reach with our large range of blocks

And even more : 

  • Lightweight : One SolidPool© block is near 3,5KG (= 7,7lbs)
  • Strong : The polypropylene from which our blocks are made gives them unfailing strength and lightness.
  • 100% reinforced concrete structure : Complete walls are filled with concrete, no empty space !
  • For underground pools, half-underground pool or completely above-ground pools
  • No need to render : Perfect flat finish ready for tiling or liner finish
  • Universal blocks : More than 90% of the fittings parts proposed in the market can be adapted to the SolidPool© structure : You are free to keep installing your usual products !
  • An eco-responsible product produced with respect to the future generation and ready for the eco-necessities of our times
  • Allows overflow pools

How does a SolidPool construction looks like ? 

Check out our SolidPool video above to better understand why we define it as the best pool structure

The SolidPool concept can become your best way to build unique memories and construction. Find down how the same pool in the video above looks like now finished and enjoy the possibility to create unique garden spaces :

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Our SolidPool blocks range

SolidPool Liner/reinforced PVC finish 

The SolidPool Liner/PVC block is our classic one.
Allowing to get most the structure, it allows construction for private pools/public pools with the Liner/reinforced PVC finishes. With is flat face, the structure will stay as smooth as a pool wall needs to be.

SolidPool Tiles/mosaic finish

The SolidPool TILES/MOSAIC finish is the only patented solution in the market allowing to install directly the finish without even having to render the walls again. Its mesh face allows the concrete to fills up the face for 2 mm and get it directly flat, with a perfect wall finish ready for the next step.

SolidPool Flex block

The SolidPool FLEX block brings the free-form possibilities to your project.
Ready for rounds of 2M diameter as minimum, you can bring a completely unique pool to reality ! Exist for Liner or for Tiles finish.
*The SolidPool FLEX block does not exist in small size.

SolidPool Small blocks

Both of our Liner/Reinforced PVC finish and Tiles/mosaic finish blocks* exist in a smaller dimension: We call it the SolidPool SMALL block. With the exact same width and depth, we changed the height of our classic one to create a smaller, allowing us to play between standard and small dimensions and build pools of any depth. From the smallest to the deepest ones.

Some examples of realisations with our SolidPool blocks range

Straight Liner/PVC pool
Straight Tiles pool
Flex Tiles pool
Small pool
Unique forms

Classic straight liner/Reinforced PVC finish pool made with SolidPool Liner/PVC blocks.

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Classic Straight Tiles/Mosaic finish pool made with SolidPool Tiles blocks.

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Complete SolidPool Tiles finish done with a round corner for spa, corner for overflow wall and two different depths.

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Complete spa done with SolidPool SMALL Liner/PVC finish.

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Mix between straight and FLEX SolidPool blocks to create a unique heart-shape pool.

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SolidPool is not only designed for project from scratch, it can also allow you to renovate and create brand new pools directly inside an existing one or an old pool not used anymore. 


SolidPool UK

Compact filtration : SUPREME unit

Some pool project require to fit in small gardens or without any piping work. We have the solution to every construction needing some specific filtration system called Solidpool supreme unit.

The SolidPool SUPREME unit can be installed in any kind of pool construction.
Allowing a filtration up to 15m3/H (22m3/H with the use of the venturi nozzle), the unit is a perfect solution for small pool and classic pool of 60m3. Possibility to be installed anywhere, from small gardens to big public projects, the SolidPoolSUPREME unit is the solution to all your complicated construction.

More details about our SolidPool Supreme unit

Filtration SolidPool SUPREME unit 1
The SolidPool SUPREME unit 2
Mur SolidPool Supreme

SolidPool is not only a structure, it is also some pool products under the best brand of the market, available in complement of our SolidPool concept.

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SolidPool concept for professionals

SolidPool is being injected at Maillat, FR, only one hour from our main offices based in Lyon, FR. This choice brings us to reduce at maximum our footprint of production. Blocks are 100% proudly made in France.

Yes, we are the creators, owners and manufacturers of the full range.

The SolidPool block are injected with recycled polypropylene into a specific mold at very high temperature. This material allows us to create a solution which is light (3.5 kilos = 7,7lbs) and very resistant at the same time. The blocks are infinitely recyclable and eco-friendly.

No needs to add extra-reinforcements as the SolidPool structure is self-supporting. We add reinforces from the inside to help pouring the concrete in the wall and adjust it if required.

The SolidPool blocks are universal and will not restrict you to use only one brand of products. However, we highly recommend to take a look at the fittings we propose for our SolidPool blocks.

Not necessarily, our SolidPool concept is made for 100% reinforced concrete walls. Apart from swimming-pools, we can use them for pounds, garages, structures, retaining walls, etc.

Whether you are professionals or final customer, our SolidPool concept will open up the possibilities for your project : From the professional installer, to professional distributor and even as a DIY kit !

Our SolidPool network will bring you more than just a new line in your product range. We, at SolidPool, are implicated in bringing you the best solution for your swimming-pool projects. We support you during all the steps : From the draw (with our SolidPool drafts), the shipment from our warehouse to your country, to the help during the installation with our trainings and tips.

Yes of course, this is chosen between both companies and depending on the local market. Most of our dealers already got they exclusive area that ensure them being the only one with the SolidPool concept.

Yes, we are looking to hear from you about your local area and discuss with our national dealer to find the best solution.

From pictures to videos, brochures, catalogs, logos (and even goodies!)… We work on anything required and are ready to help under any purpose !

Yes, we are seeking to propose different option :

  • Only dealer/installer of the SolidPool concept,
  • Dealer/installer of the concept or resealer of products from our main catalog (with or without a pool-shop),
  • Become a complete affiliate with both solutions to your market

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