Which are the best solutions for cleaning your pool?

To clean your pool, we offer you solutions with different technologies: from electric and hydraulic robots to cleaning accessories.

How to choose a pool cleaner?

There are three types of robots:

  • Electric: powerful and very fast, it sucks up the dirt and scrubs the bottom of the pool (as well as the walls, depending on the model)
  • Hydraulic: the robot works thanks to the water pressure generated by the filtration system to which it is connected
  • Hydraulic with suction: it only cleans the bottom and is connected to the filtration system

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We also offer complementary solutions:

  • Brushes and brooms to clean the bottom, the walls and the water line
  • Landing nets to collect foreign objects
  • A reel to simplify the use of the hose
  • Skimmer socks to collect impurities

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